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MyProtein: Example of Digital Marketing Strategy

by | Business, Marketing

MyProtein, owned by The Hut Group, is an excellent example of how a brand can use marketing techniques to not only improve customer experience but to increase average ticket value and purchase frequency. They use email marketing and its e-commerce to make every second of the user’s screen time worth.


MyProtein uses the common cross-selling tactics we are all used to see on e-commerce websites from Amazon to AliExpress. Having related products shown at every product page, once you put any product on the shopping cart and even on the order summary page.

They not only show products from the same line but complementary products that you might want with those. The best example? MyProtein would suggest a protein shaker in case you have added a bag of Whey Protein to your cart because you know, you might have missed that while browsing their 2000+ products catalog.


Of course, a brand like MyProtein would take advantage of a motivated customer to up-sale any product. The approach chosen by this brand is based on discount by volume, so, customers are encouraged to choose larger sizes to pay less per Kg/lb of product.

This is a smart approach as it tries to increase substantially the average ticket value which is excellent, but it is necessary to be aware that this will reduce the purchase frequency. Neither is a better approach than the other, you will have to know what the company objectives are and how does it want to manage the exchange with customers.

Rescue Emails

I know this is not surprising, rescue emails have been around for quite a long time now but either way, MyProtein does not waste the opportunity to remind you about things you have left on your shopping cart. Even though I have no certainty about their tactics to re-gain abandoned shopping carts I have some evidence that might or might not show an offer-based approach.

I do not need to explain this tactic have proved right with me at least.


Sometimes we live in such a fast-paced state that the simplest things might come loose of our grip. Take re-stocking your sports supplements for example. No wonder Amazon got that brilliant Dash-Button idea to have your usual order made right away with the click of a physical button.

MyProtein has its way to try to help you with that. A reminder email that alerts you might be running out of a specific product you have purchased before.

It is not entirely clear to me how MyProtein’s algorithm is based; what variables take into account and how it uses them to decide to send a re-stock email.

Nevertheless, this is just another way this brand tries to show the customer an added value. Alright, it is its business, after all, selling sports supplements, but this kind of uncovered sell email goes beyond what other brands do to get your money.


Let’s get everything straight. Sales usually do the job, selling more product during a defined period. The Hut Group knows this well, and that’s why it is very probable that you will find some limited-time offer when visiting MyProtein’s website.

Sales differ from time to time, sometimes are based on specific products or product line, on a minimum purchase or even on some variations/flavors of its products. This extensive repertoire of offers and promotions help to avoid the feeling of a cheap brand that has everything always on sale.

Final Thoughts

MyProtein has proven that any brand can use what we would call traditional-digital-marketing tactics to engage with customers. Walking on their shoes and knowing how to make their experience not only easier but better will always result in happy, loyal customers.

Let’s not forget the power of email marketing and how can be used cleverly to re-connect with existing customers.

Do you know another brand that takes advantage of these Marketing tactics with its digital strategy? Let’s talk about it, leave a comment or share this post on social media to continue with the conversation.