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I’m here to help
I love to empower people and their businesses by bringing new and innovative ideas to help them thrive.

From the ground up

Do you feel lost? Don’t have a Business Plan? or maybe your Marketing Plan needs an overhaul?
I can help you to set things straight so your business can finally take off and have the success it deserves.


Are you confused by all these terms? Fear not!.
I will make sure you understand what all these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) mean and how can we optimize them to improve your conversion rate and budget spending.

Results Driven

Looking to increase sales? getting leads or improve your brand’s reach?.
I will help you achieve your goals while I optimize resources according to your company’s needs.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

With over 2 billion active users every month you can’t afford not to be on Facebook.
Let’s create great campaigns with optimized audiences and budget.

Personal Life

Born in 1988, loving tech since 1996.

I’ve always been passionate about technology, from small gadgets and toys to professional tools and new platforms.

I built my first website when I was around 8 years old. I’ve been an early adopter of many mayor platforms or social networks like Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In other words, I was in Twitter before it was cool (just kidding, or maybe not).

I also love to travel. Planning road trips, multi-city vacations and discovering new cultures have always fascinated me.

Want to know more about me? In these blog posts I share more personal experiences:

How losing weight helped me find a hobby.

Some years ago I was overweight. In this post I share with you my experience to not only lose weight but to improve my overall health.

It’s never too soon to start

When I was a kid I wanted to be many different things. I played to be a singer, movie producer and journalist. That helped me to discover what I’m good at.

5 reasons why Engineers are good for Marketing

I will share with you the 5 main reasons I believe make us Engineers are good for Marketing as marketers or analysts. This is applicable for organizations of any size but it is specially critical for small businesses and startups.

Academic Life

A Marketer and an Engineer.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering from the Metropolitan University in Caracas, which focuses on analyzing any process and improving the performance of any organization.

I have specialized in Marketing. I’m an MSc. in Marketing from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. I also have three postgraduate degrees in Digital and Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Transmedia Storytelling and Branded Content.

I have always loved advertising and how brands can connect with customers that share the same core values through well-thought storytelling strategies that reflect not only the need of the target audience but real-life situations that normal people have on a daily basis.

All these experiences have left me with a lot to share with the world. Here are some blog posts about them:

Just Call it, Marketing

Should we still be differentiating between online and offline marketing?. Here are some reasons why maybe we should just call it marketing.

Stop wasting resources

I have learned excellent lessons in life about productivity and performance, it can almost certainly always be improved. No matter the size, nature or field of any given organization.  In this article, I will share some thoughts about wasting resources. I studied...

Professional Life

Multidisciplinary experience.

I got involved in politics from an early age at college and I was part of my career’s student government as an Advertising Manager and later I became Information Secretary of the Federation of Students’ Government for my whole University. I later work on several political campaigns developing different roles on each occasion.

I have also worked on marketing departments for the private sector, having to focus on the Return on Investment (ROI) while trying to achieve previously set goals.

The entrepreneurial field is not unknown to me. I have worked on others startups and founded an agency right after I finished college and I gotta say those experiences have lifted my professional knowledge to another level.

I like to share insights based on my professional experience. Let’s begin with these blog posts:

Customer centric businesses in the era of the review

We live in an era where customers have the power over businesses with their reviews. This change has a profound impact on today’s consumers.