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It’s never too soon to start

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How many times have we been at the starting point of a project or a business and started to doubt our qualities? Are we ready for this? Do I have what it takes? Will I embarrass myself at the end? These all are very reasonable questions that we should have before kick-starting any project in our lives. And we should be proud of ourselves as these are some grownup questioning. The kind of things we heard our parents saying before taking a somewhat important decision; getting a new house, planning that dream family vacation or choosing the best investment to save money for their children (us). Nevertheless, sometimes we have to put aside the rationality and start to think with the heart — much more like when we were kids and did somethings disregarding if the effort was worthy of the outcome if there was any tangible outcome at all.

Wishes from our childhood

I wanted to be so many things when I grew up when I was a child. I wanted to be a physician at a very early age, I wanted to follow my mom’s and dad’s steps, and I used to write some recipes to him, my mom and their secretary when there were no patients at their consulting room. Later I wanted to be an artist, I wanted to be a singer, and I played like I was giving the greatest concerts on earth right from the living room at my home. Then I pivoted to wanted to be a Hollywood producer, my dad had just bought a camcorder, and I was filming everything, from our first trip to New York City in a very Parts Unknown kinda way, to a local news that was “broadcasted” right from the study room at my parents’ home. I was eight years old at that time and already had been everything I wanted to be. But then I discovered a game that poisoned my head like no other; it was the Microsoft Flight Simulator. That was it!, I was going to be a pilot. I taught my dad how to take off a Learjet 45 and had him to buy me a Flight Yoke so I could be the real deal. I flew from Paris CDG to New York’s JFK on the Concorde and did the most extreme flight stunts with the queen of the skies (Boeing 747).

Discovering what you’re good at

At that time I also realized I was really good with computers and as Y2K was getting closer and closer, the internet boom exploded right on my face. Suddenly I was so excited about creating a website from the comfort of my room and that it could get visitors from across the world that I didn’t need a good excuse to create one. I had my first personal page on geocities.com, a free, really limited hosting provider. But hey!, I had I website when all the kids in my school were just finding out how to connect the phone line to their PC. I felt, and I didn’t mind if what I was doing was good, bad or just plain dull. I was having a blast, and that was all that matters.

When growing up messes things up

Time went by, and I grew up as it is to be expected. I started to be more cautious about the things I invested my time in, but I always looked back and remembered the freedom and joy I had in my childhood and wondered what happened? When do we lose that childish passion that made us thrive when we were young?. I wish I had an answer to that, I really do, so I can warn my kids never to let it happen. Now that I am an adult, a grownup, sure I’m a settled man that knows how to optimize its time, especially after graduating from Production Engineering but, I have also realized that I wanted to recover the passion, the innocent and the idea that the only boundaries you will face in your life are the one in your head. Some say that it’s never too late to start, and I agree with that. But I think there’s more to that phrase from where it came from. The fact that it’s never too soon to start it’s also true. I will make sure my kids have everything they need to let their minds run wild, just as mine did when I was a child. It doesn’t matter if those are just silly games. Those games are the one that will nurture the very essence of whom you will become when you’re an adult. Did you like this post? Do you have any comment? You can share it on your social accounts to continue the conversation or comment down below.